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Here are some helpful tips for attending our drop-ins. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have additional questions.

A young girl in a white shirt looks up and to the left in a pondering pose as her finger rests on her chin.

Should I attend with my student? 

Parents are encouraged to join!

Why is parental participation encouraged? 

We understand that some children may have difficulty meeting expectations that contribute to a successful group Zoom meeting. One benefit of parental participation is that parents can observe their student’s abilities in skills such as

  • Handling transitions and entering groups

  • Maintaining focus during the session

  • Considering the likely outcomes of their actions (impulsivity) 

  • Using or understanding technology (such as when to mute/unmute) (See FAQ below Should I have my student’s mic muted?)

Your observations can help determine if your support may be needed before, during, and even after the meeting.  

What other benefits can I get from participating with my student? 

  • Learn awesome stuff too! 

  • You can learn together and support your student! Sharing the 30 min experience of learning together opens the door for discussions about what you both learned. These types of post-discussions are helpful in solidifying a child’s understanding of concepts, encouraging their curiosity, and assessing progress.

Should I have the webcam turned on? 

Yes, please if possible! We love seeing everyone’s faces! 

Other benefits to having the webcam on include:

  • It helps keep students engaged and focused on the session. 

  • It provides us with visual feedback and allows us to better assess a student’s level of understanding and engagement. (Seeing that lightbulb go off, or that questioning look is extremely helpful for us.)

Should I have my student’s mic muted? 

Yes and no. 

Due to each student’s varying abilities Free Student Drop-Ins are currently set for all microphones to be MUTED upon entry.  

A muted microphone is preferred if there is background noise in your student’s location as it can make it difficult for the other students to hear the teacher and for the teacher to interact with the students.

However, if your student is in a quiet place, and they want to participate, it’s fine to unmute. 

Please remember your child can unmute at any time they wish to comment or ask a question. Student participation is encouraged!!

Can my student join on a phone? 

We kindly request that students do NOT join on a phone unless your student has a place where the phone will remain stationary. The movement of a phone can be distracting to other participants and the presenter.

Who facilitates the sessions? 

Student Drop-Ins are led by Jen Petrich and Brad Johnson. Please see their bios for more information.

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